Philips BZX84-C5V6 Zenor Diode SOT23-3 SMD Package 25 Pieces OM0182V


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National Semiconductor BZX84-C5V6 
25 Pieces 
Zenor diodes in  SOT23  SMD package taped and reeled.

SOT23 package
Low-power voltage regulator diodes in a small SOT23 (TO-236AB) Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package.
Features and benefits
Total power dissipation: ≤ 250 mWAEC-Q101 qualifiedWorking voltage 5.6V Non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation: ≤ 40 WApplicationsGeneral regulation functions25 pieces

The first image above shows the parts as they are packed, ie. on the surface mount tape, the second is a photograph of the actual reel of 2440 pieces that we have in stock at time of listing, in the description we also include a generic photo of the SOT23 surface mount style of package. You will receive a section of surface mount tape cut from the original reel containing the quantity ordered.

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