Hewlett Packard 2602 High CMR Line Receiver Optocoupler 8PDIP MBD009i


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The HCPL-2602/12 are optically
coupled line receivers that
combine a GaAsP light emitting
diode, an input current regulator
and an integrated high gain photo
detector. The input regulator
serves as a line termination for
line receiver applications. It
clamps the line voltage and
regulates the LED current so line
reflections do not interfere with
circuit performance.
• 1000 V/µs Minimum Common
Mode Rejection (CMR) at
VCM = 50 V for HCPL-2602
and 3.5 kV/µs Minimum
CMR at VCM = 300 V for
• Line Termination Included –
No Extra Circuitry Required
• Accepts a Broad Range of
Drive Conditions
• LED Protection Minimizes
LED Efficiency Degradation
• High Speed: 10 MBd
(Limited by Transmission
Line in Many Applications)
• Guaranteed AC and DC
Performance over
Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
• External Base Lead Allows
“LED Peaking” and LED
Current Adjustment
• Safety Approval
UL Recognized – 2500 V rms
for 1 Minute
CSA Approved
• MIL-STD-1772 Version
Available (HCPL-1930/1)
• Isolated Line Receiver
• Computer-Peripheral
• Microprocessor System
• Digital Isolation for A/D,
D/A Conversion
• Current Sensing
• Instrument Input/Output
• Ground Loop Elimination
• Pulse Transformer
• Power Transistor Isolation
in Motor Drives
For datasheet search…Hewlet Packard 2602 datasheet

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large Milspec type OEM and have been kept in storage for some years, THE ATTACHED PAPERWORK SUGGESTS THEY HAVE BEEN SOCKETED AND TEMPERATURE TESTED TO ‘BURN IN’. 

They to are date coded 8534 we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however in good serviceable condition, and we guarantee them to function perfectly, the photographs are of one of the batch we have in stock and are representative of their general condition. 


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