IMO P15DP Diffuse Photoelectric Switch 10-30VDC MBG018b


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IMO P15DP Diffuse Photoelectric Switch 10 – 30VDC
New in blister pack or box.

Input supply 10-30VDC 

Photo-Electric Switch Block Diffuse Reflection, Cable 2m DC NO PNP/NPN, Sn=150mm Adj. PBT Body PC Lens

CONNECTION VIA 4 WIRE 2M LEAD BLUE BLACK PINK AND BROWN- wiring info provided on casing of switch

Brown   +10-30V

Blue    0V

Black   out

Pink   Cont

Min- Max rotary slot switch adjustment

LED indicator

Red  –  Ope.

Green   Stab.

Complete with mounting bracket

Brand new and boxed!

For connections you can refer to the marked drawings on the back of the pack.
This product should be installed by a suitable qualified person.

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