IMO SSR/AN-0A Photo Electric Switch M18 10-30VDC Through Beam I211B MBB027b


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Aiming at the Compactness and High Function

PoIIMO K7M-DT10S Programmable Logic ControllerMO K7M-DT10S Programmable Logic Controller, NIMOew/Boxed.werful programming Tool (KGLWIN)


Photo Electric Switch M18 through beam 8mtr standard receiver 

Transmitter without check NPN output

N.O. output state

Miniature high performance photoelectric switch 10-30VDC

❚ Small dimensions (M18 threaded diameter 60mm long housing)

Output via 2mtr. cable to 4 bared tinned wires

List price £40++

Please note the application of this product requires a high degree of technical know-how , only qualified personnel should attempt to install and apply this product.

For full data sheet on the IMO SS series photo electric switch range click here:-

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