IMO/Pizzato MF32 AC15-5A 250Vac Heavy Duty Micro Switch SPCO OM0623A


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For sale here we have the above part…

Single Pole Changover (SPCO) Microswitch

1 Piece

General purpose micro-switch for heavier duty applications it has a lovely spring loaded lever action

Some purchasers have fed back to us that they have used it as a Morse key!

Faston Terminals, single pole, change over

Dimensions: 50mm long, 17mm wide, Height 27mm (to the highest point of the switch)

High precision snap action mechanism

AC15-5A 250Va

Faston terminals

All fixing and operating dimensions conform to industry specifications

Contact material:   Silver over beryllium copper

Mechanism:  Snap action (contact gap 0.5mm)

Initial contact resistance: 15mΩ max

Housing material: Self extinguishing, glass reinforced thermoplastic resin

Dielectric strength:  2000V AC 50/60Hz for 1 minute between current carrying parts and ground

750V AC 50/60Hz for 1 minute between open contacts

Protection rating:  IP40 with terminal cover

Ambient operating temperature:  – 20 to +85˚C

Ambient humidity:  85% RH max

Mechanical life:  20 million operations

Maximum operating frequency:  6000/hour

Resistive load:  16A 250V AC  6A 24V DC  0.4A 125V DC

Motor load:  5A 250V AC

Inrush current:  30A maximum

The 3 screw terminals are 1 Common    2(NO)   3(NC

Now obsolete!

For datasheet search Pizzato MF32

These parts came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large Milspec type Co. and have been kept in storage for some time, we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however in pristine condition still in their original packaging and ‘as new’ in all respects, the photographs are representative of their excellent condition, and, as with all our products they come with a full guarantee. 


If you have similar items to this, or indeed any electronic components that are surplus to requirements please contact us with details.

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