IMO RFM 75FP Footprint Mount RFI Filter 3 Phase I108 MBD012a


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IMO Jaguar RFM 75FP

 3 Phase RFI Filter 

Footprint Mount RFI Filter 3 Phase

400v  5Amp 

For EMC Compliance

Suit Inverter VXM40 and VXM75

Case G

IMO Jaguar filters, available from 3 to

880 amps, have been specially

designed and tested for use with the

IMO Jaguar range of inverters to allow

compliance with the EMC directive

89/336/EEC. For filters from 3 to 75

amps a footprint design has been

utilised where the inverter is mounted

on top of the filter hence reducing the

overall panel space required.

Make earth connection first!

Brand new and boxed!

Data sheet available.

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