IMO SSP/0P-1A Photo Electric Switch New/Boxed I226 MBF002c


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Aiming at the Compactness and High Function

PoIIMO K7M-DT10S Programmable Logic ControllerMO K7M-DT10S Programmable Logic Controller, NIMOew/Boxed.werful programming Tool (KGLWIN)

IMO SSP/0P-1A Photo Electric Switch New/Boxed 

Boxes are marked hence “new other”

Compact ø18mmx65mm barrel type

photoelectric switches for DC operation

n Diffuse, retro-reflective, polarised, through-beam


n Small object detection through-beam models

n Diagnostic CHECK function available on through-beam


n IP67 nickel-plated or output-type colour-coded plastic


n Optional sensitivity adjustment – diffuse type (IP65)

n Rear mounted LED operation indicator

n Short-circuit protection

n UL approved option

Full data sheet available on request, or simply search the part no on IMO’s website

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Please note the application of this product requires a high degree of technical know-how , only qualified personnel should attempt to install and apply this product. 

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