Kemet C322C333K1R5TA Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 33nF 100v 10 Pieces OM0928B


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33nF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 100V dc ±10% Through Hole C322C333K1R5TA

10 pieces

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C322 Series

Professional range of high-voltage multilayer ceramic capacitors. At high frequencies, these capacitors exhibit low ESR and find conventional use as snubbers or filters in applications. These capacitors are typically used in telecommunications, medical, military and aerospace equipment.

X7R dielectric
Conformally coated

X7R Dielectric

Suitable for bypass, decoupling, filtering, sample and hold and timing circuits

Capacitance 33 nF
Voltage 100 V dc
Mounting Type Through Hole
Dielectric X7R
Tolerance ±10%
Dimensions 5.08 x 3.81 x 6.6mm
Length 5.08mm
Depth 3.81mm
Height 6.6mm
Series Goldmax 300
Lead Spacing 5.08 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +125°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -55°C

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