LED display 7 segment 0.7" 4 digit & Symbols 10pcs D4 OM228


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LED Display 

0.7 inch 7 segment 4 digit LED display with symbols,


Part no: CS255VN-A  320  J2 (PRINTED ON SIDE OF DISPLAY)  10 pieces per lot
Display is made up of 4 – 7 segment characters, a colon to separate (i.e. 88:88) and then the word bypass, a picture of an envelope and the transmission symbol (similar to wireless symbol).
Display lights up Amber/yellow when energised, it has 19 pins on the back, split 8 on one side, 11 on the other.
 This display is split into two halves
The bottom 11pins are for the common ANODE (common positive)
seven segment display

Looking at the front of the display the 11pins below are

Pin 1 Segment e
Pin 2 Segment d
Pin 3 Common Anode 1st digit
Pin 4 Segment c
Pin 5 Segment g
Pin 6 Common Anode 4th digit
Pin 7 Segment b
Pin 8 Common Anode 3rd digit
Pin 9 Common Anode 2nd digit
Pin 10 Segment f
Pin 11 Segment a

The top 8pins are for the additional display symbols (if required)
Looking at the front of the display the 8pins above are

Pin 1 Cathode for BYPASS
Pin 2 Cathode for SOUND symbol
Pin 3 Cathode for Envelope symbol
Pin 4 Cathode for Colon (two centre LEDS)
Pin 5 BYPASS Anode
Pin 6 SOUND Anode
Pin 7 Envelope Anode
Pin 8 Colon Anode

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