MILTECH 2CN-A242406 12Vdc Coil Relay 320 Ohm DPDT OM0351H


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• All welded relay construction
• Cleaning and sealing techniques ensures maximum internal cleanliness
• Low level to 2 amperes switching
• 2 form C, DPDT contacts, special metal alloy with gold plating

• Frame, armature designs and force / mass ratio provides exceptional immunity to shock and vibration.

  • Environmental and Physical Specifications
  • Temperature (Ambient) – 65°C to + 125°C
  • Shock 100 g, 6 ms.
  • Vibration (sinusoidal) 20 g, 10 to 2000 Hz
  • Acceleration 50 g
  • Sealing All welded, Hermetic
  • Weight 0,35 oz. (10,0 grams) max.

These relays are now discontinued. They came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. they were manufactured quite a few years ago, we have therefore listed them as ‘new other’, however they are stored with us still in original packaging and are in pristine condition.


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