Motorola NTN7053A UK 3 Pin 240VAC In-12VDC 300mA Out Adapter OL0700A


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Made in UK

240V Input

12VDC 300mA Output

Incorporating a high grade linear transformer giving a solid 12Volt DC  @ 300mA
A DC adaptor UK 3 pin style made for Motorola in the UK
Output via a small right angled power jack plug

Approximately 3mm in diameter with a 1.5mm diameter centre – see photographs 

Various approvals: BABT etc.

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. they are new and unused but have been kept stored loosely for some years and may have picked up the odd mark, the photographs are a good representation of their general condition.

Due to the above we have classified them as ‘new other’

We guarantee them to work perfectly and all will be tested prior to dispatch

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