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 Mullard Vinkor LA2702 ferrite pot core assembly.

Used for the construction of inductors and transformers.

Mullard Vinkor LA2702 Ferrite pot core assembly.
Ferrite diameter is 4.9mm 
Od of case is 28mm. 

Overall length is 30mm.  

The unit is supplied without windings as these are added by the customer to meet their own requirements (diy inductor transformer)

Unit was made by Mullard in the late 50s. 

This LA2702 unit contains a 1230 ferrite core. 

The LA2702 was the ID given to the complete assembly.

To dismantle the case there is a locking nut which has to be loosened enabling the top cap to be rotated slightly. 

The top may then be removed and the core accessed. 

Also included is the trimming core which was used for fine tuning the inducters.

Valued feedback on these –

“I worked with this series in the 60’s and they were going obsolete then. The LA2702 is a 14mm core with the equivalent being a pair of LA1230 cores plus adjuster and possibly a base.

Best bet is to wind 100T and measure the inductance. If you double the turns the inductance goes up 4 times. I’m not sure if this was a gapped core, if not it will saturate easily if you put DC through it. From memory they were only intended for AC applications, but quite high inductance values could be obtained.”


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