NCC 47250J Polyester Film Capacitor 0.0047uf 4.7nf 4700pf 50v 5% Qty 10 MBD004A


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Non-Polarised Polyester Film Capacitor

10 pieces

Stored with us taped and still in original box of 2000

Capacitance : 0.0047uf/ 4.7nf/ 4700pf
Voltage Rating : 100V
Capacitance Tolerance : ± 10%
Capacitor Terminals : Radial Leaded
Packaging : Each
Lead Spacing : 5mm
Operating Temperature Range : -55°C to +125°C

Dimensions:- Height 8mm Width 5mm Thickness 2mm lead length 20mm (min)

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co., they are new and unused, still in original box of 2000 pieces but have been kept in storage for some time, we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’.

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