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The PLS100 (3-State) and PLS101 (Open
Collector) are bipolar, fuse Programmable
Logic Arrays (PLAs). Each device utilizes the
standard AND/OR/Invert architecture to
directly implement custom sum of product
Each device consists of 16 dedicated inputs
and 8 dedicated outputs. Each output is
capable of being actively controlled by any or
all of the 48 product terms. The True,
Complement, or Don’t Care condition of each
of the 16 inputs and be ANDed together to
comprise one P-term. All 48 P-terms can be
selectively ORed to each output.
The PLS100 and PLS101 are fully TTL
compatible, and chip enable control for
expansion of input variables and output
inhibit. They feature either Open Collector or
3-State outputs for ease of expansion of
product terms and application in
bus-organized systems.

• Field-programmable (Ni-Cr link)
• Input variables: 16
• Output functions: 8
• Product terms: 48
• I/O propagation delay: 50ns (max.)
• Power dissipation: 600mW (typ.)
• Input loading: –100µA (max.)
• Chip Enable input
• Output option:
– PLS100: 3-State
– PLS101: Open-Collector
• Output disable function:
– 3-State: Hi-Z
– Open-Collector: High
• CRT display systems
• Code conversion
• Peripheral controllers
• Function generators
• Look-up and decision tables
• Microprogramming
• Address mapping
• Character generators
• Data security encoders
• Fault detectors
• Frequency synthesizers
• 16-bit to 8-bit bus interface
• Random logic replacement

These came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large Milspec type OEM and have been kept in storage for some years, we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however unused and in pristine condition and as with all our products come with a full guarantee.

Date coded 9805

The photo shown is of one of the 4 we have in stock at time of listing, all are identical, same part no. and date code, and still in their original Philips tube.

For full datasheet search…PLS101F

The photo shown is of one of the 4 we have left in stock, all are identical (ie. they are all in the same tube as originally supplied).


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