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Texas Instruments

Type UC3833DW

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LDO Voltage Controllers
Input Voltage MAX:  40V
Input Voltage MIN:  4.5V
Output Voltage:  2V
450 mA
3.3 mA
+ 70 C
0 C to + 70 C
PMIC – Power Management ICs
Unit Weight:
470 mg

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The UC3833 series of precision linear regulators include all the
control functions required in the design of very low dropout linear regulators.
Additionally, they feature an innovative duty-ratio current limiting technique
which provides peak load capability while limiting the average power dissipation
of the external pass transistor during fault conditions. When the load current
reaches an accurately programmed threshold, a gated-astable timer is
enabled, which switches the regulator’s pass device off and on at an externally
programmable duty-ratio. During the on-time of the pass element, the output
current is limited to a value slightly higher than the trip threshold of the duty-ratio
timer. The constant-current-limit is programmable on the UCx832 to allow
higher peak current during the on-time of the pass device. With duty-ratio control,
high initial load demands and short circuit protection may both be accommodated
without extra heat sinking or foldback current limiting. Additionally, if
the timer pin is grounded, the duty-ratio timer is disabled, and the IC operates
in constant-voltage/constant-current regulating mode.
These IC’s include a 2 Volt (±1%) reference, error amplifier, UVLO, and a high
current driver that has both source and sink outputs, allowing the use of either
NPN or PNP external pass transistors. Safe operation is assured by the inclusion
of under-voltage lockout (UVLO) and thermal shutdown.

For datasheet simply search ‘UC3833DW’

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