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This phono jack RCA to BNC adapter easily connects an RCA connector to a BNC socket, it is a perfect way to connect a coaxial cable to a phono-device, for analogue signal transference in a variety of applications.

With a robust construction, this adapter ensures continuous shielding and offers protection against signal interference. It also features a gold plated brass contact for high-quality signal transference.

The BNC end includes the standard bayonet twist-locking coupling for a secure and reliable connection.

Features and Benefits

• BNC Socket to RCA Plug
• Robust construction
• Continuous shielding
• Impedance
• 75Ω
• Voltage 50V(max)
• Nickel plated brass housing with gold plated contact and PTFE insulation
• Temperature range of -65 to +125 deg C


BNC connectors are commonly used for analogue audiovisual and test signal equipment. RCA and phono connectors are still included on many television sets, media peripherals and stereo sound systems. As such, you might have need of a BNC to RCA adapter in the following applications;

• Laboratory testing
• Home Entertainment

Suitable for CCTV cable conversion – video or audio

This adapter will connect between a phono socket and a BNC plug.

As supplied by us to discerning electronics enthusiasts at rallies up and down the country for the last 35 years.

Compact in design they are ideal for applications where a neat connection is an important consideration.

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