SAE 044 Multi Coloured Ribbon Cable AWG 28 7/36 300V 105'C 8-40 Way 1 metre OMR3


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Stanford Applied Engineering (SAE)
Multi Coloured Ribbon CableType 044 (8,10,14 etc up to 40 conductors)
1 Metre per lot(If you require more than 1 metre eg. 5 metres, order 5 lots and you will receive 1 continuous 5 metre length) 
 8 – 40 way (just select from the dropdown box above the number of cores you require)
You can have any number of cores to your flat cableJust order the number that has slightly more than you require and peel off the excess cores.
AWG28300V105’CMin.Insulation 0.00810 colour repeating pattern(Gr, Pu, Bl,Gr, Ye, Or, Re, Br, Bl, & Wh)
Please note colour pattern will be the same but as we split 40 way reels down to make up some orders the pattern you receive may not always start with the same colour.
Standard Ribbon Cable for internal wiring of electronic equipmentSuperb Quality made by Stanford Applied Engineering USA.
SURPLUS STOCK ?????If you have similar items to this, or indeed any electronic components that are surplus to requirements please contact us with details. We are keen to increase our stock profile.

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