SAE 2250 Thumbwheel Switch Rotary PCB 0-9 Interlocking 20x20x10mm MBE006E


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SAE – Stanford Applied Engineering 

California USA.

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Product – Thumb-wheel Switch

  • BRAND:   SAE
  • MPN:        2250
  • Positions: 0 – 9
  • Mounting style: Interlocking
  • PCB Mount:  Through hole 12 contacts 6 one side 6 the other- TINNED
  • Adjustment: Top screw slot – Front thumbwheel rotate
  • Dimensions: 20mm Square x 10mm tall. 

Product Key Features

  • Switch Action:   Maintained
  • Contact Material:    Tin
  • Rotary Panel Switch:    0-9 Positions
  • Pitch:   0.1″ (0.254mm)
  • Numeric indicator:  One on top next to screw adjust and one in the front below thumbwheel
  • Date Code 8302 

These vintage parts are ideal for that special project, – really well designed and manufactured. They interlock via a small peg and socket on each one, simply twist together to snap into place for a neat row of switches.

These came to us as part of a surplus lot of components from a large ‘milspec’ type OEM, given their age and the ‘Milspec’ type manufacturer these connectors were manufactured to a high specification level, – not often seen nowadays ! 

They have been in storage for many years we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’ 

Stored with us still in their original packaging, plastic trays – see photographs, they are as new and will function perfectly.

You will receive the quantity ordered carefully re-packaged if necessary

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If you or your company has items similar to this, or indeed any electronic components that are surplus to requirements, please contact us – we are keen to extend our stock profile.


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