Scolmore UK 5A 250V 2 Metre Power Iead to IEC Input Kite Mark/BSI OM0774


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Scolmore are a UK family run business
The lead is BSI approved Lic. no. KM10807 and Kite marked, along with a host of other approval stamps – N, S, D, FI, DVE, OVE Etc.

An IEC plug to 5A FUSED UK style 3 PIN PLUG lead 2 metres long.

Black Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Sheath 0.75mm cable marked VDE HG5VV-F 

H05VV-F mains power cable (also known as 318-Y cable) is a type of harmonized (or HAR) cable which means it belongs to the Harmonised reference system and conforms to the European Harmonisation Standard. This purpose of this standard is to improve standards and quality across Europe to ensure the trade of common standard product.

H05VV-F is the code for this harmonized power cable which breaks down into the following:

• H = Harmonized
• 05 = 300V / 500V voltage rating
• V = PVC insulation
• V = PVC sheath
• F = Flexible copper conductors

IEC is the technical name for the input plug used on nearly all computers and loads of other electronic equipment, It’s similar to the old kettle style plug but has no notch.


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