TDA2540 IF Amplifier with Demodulator and AFC 70's Dated OMB2-25


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TDA2540Original and genuine 70’s parts(see date code on chip in photograph – what you see there is what you will receive) 
The TDA2540 integrated circuit IF Amplifier with Demodulator and AFC16 Pin DIL1 Piece
DESCRIPTION These TDA2540 chips are IF amplifier and A.M. demodulator circuits for colour and black and white television receivers using PNP or NPN tuners. They are intended for reception of negative or positive modulation CCIR standard. They incorporate the following functions :  . Gain controlled amplifier . Synchronous demodulator . White spot inverter . Video preamplifier with noise protection . Switchable AFC . AGC with noise gating . Tuner AGC output (NPN tuner for 2540)-(PNP tuner for 2541) . VCR switch for video output inhibition (VCR play back)

Now obsolete for datasheet copy and paste:-

These parts came to us as part of a bulk purchase of surplus stock from a large ‘milspec’ type Co. 
They are fully functional ‘as new’ devices, stored with us still in their original tubes but as they have been in
 storage for some time we have classified them as ‘new other’  

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