Telegartner N type plug 90′ 3/8 cable entry 50 0hm OM0726o


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Telegartner J01020A0012 N type plugs

 Right angle, 3/8 cable entry, 50 0hm.

An excellent quality, weather proof N type plug, the cable clamp section incorporates a silicone rubber tube/seal which clamps to the cable when the outer cover is tightened, insulator is PTFE. 

The inner coax core is secured to the plug pin by applying a solder joint to the grooved pin base. 

Right angle style with large cable entry- 3/8″, with a bright chrome finish, used widely by radio Hams.

Cable Group:-

G28 (3/8″)

5088 3/8″-LD

HPL 50-3/8

RF 3/8″-50

LCF 38-50 J


Special design techniques for this series of connectors have resulted in excellent levels of performance with regard to return 

loss (VSWR) and intermodulation distortion. 


Applications for these connectors vary from signal and data

transmission where vibration resistance and environmental protection is required.


N series provides a

medium-power high-frequency solution for coax connections.



These are a superb quality plug tried and tested – originally supplied for Ministry of Defence use, we have been selling them at Radio Rallies up and down the country for years.

A data sheet is available on request, though as these are now discontinued by Telegartner, it should be noted the data we have is for a close relative only (ie it is the strait version without the 90′ bend, all other technical details should be the same). 


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