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Wima Capacitor MP3-X2 0,47 275VACMetallized Paper (MP) RFI-Capacitors Class X2 
Brand: WIMA Termination Style: Radial Product: Safety Film Capacitors Dielectric: Paper Capacitance: 0.47 uF Voltage Rating AC: 275 V Tolerance: 20 % Lead Spacing: 27.5 mm Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C Maximum Operating Temperature: + 110 C Case Height: 0.98 in Case Length: 1.3 in Case Width: 0.51 in Packaging: Bulk
Special Features Particularly high reliability against active
 and passive flammability Excellent self-healing as well as high
 voltage strength High degree of interference suppression
 due to good attenuation and low ESR For temperatures up to +110°C According to RoHS 2002/95/EC
Typical Applications

Class X2 RFI applications to meet EMC regulations Capacitors connected to the mains
 between phase and neutral or phase and
 phase conductors General requirements, pulse peak
 voltage < 2.5 kV
Construction Dielectric: Paper, epoxy resin impregnated Capacitor electrodes:Vacuum-deposited Internal construction:
For full data sheet copy and paste:- http://www.wima.com/EN/mp3x2.htm  

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