XILINX 17128EPC One-time programmable (OTP) read-only memory 8 Pin DIP OMB3-43


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1 Piece8 Pin DIP

One-time programmable (OTP) read-only memory designed to store configuration bitstreams of Xilinx FPGAs

Simple interface to the FPGA; requires only one user I/O pin

 • Cascadable for storing longer or multiple bitstreams 

• Programmable reset polarity (active High or active Low) for compatibility with different FPGA solutions • XC17128E/EL, XC17256E/EL, XC1701, and XC1700L series support fast configuration 

• Low-power CMOS floating-gate process

XC1700E series are available in 5V and 3.3V versions

 • XC1700L series are available in 3.3V only 

• Available in compact plastic package:  8-pin PDIP 

 • Programming support by leading programmer manufacturers

  • Guaranteed 20 year life data retention

For Xilinx datasheet copy and paste:- https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/data_sheets/ds027.pdf 


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