Gold SMA to SMA Plug Lead 50 Ohm Habia Flexiform Cable 275mm OM0765


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Gold SMA to SMA Plug Lead 

50 Ohm Habia Flexiform Cable

Premium, coaxial cable a flexible, reform able alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables. If high performance and flexibility are required, Flexiform is the ideal microwave coaxial cable solution.
Intended for use primarily as a transmission line in high frequency applications

Cable is of the semi rigid type, ie it can be shaped to any formation required and will hold in place. 

Length 275mm

Habia cable Flexiform 402 NM -HFI 100 2009-W28-090706046 

Conductor silver plated copper

50 OHM

These patch leads have been made to a very high quality level using high grade cable and gold plated SMA plugs. 

They have been retrieved after use in a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. they are fully functional with no damage to cable or connectors.

 For further data on the flexiform cable copy and paste:- 

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