IMO SCD 4V Double-Deck Spring Terminals 750V 30A 600V 26A 4mm2 MBA005B


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SCD 4 Series Double-Deck Spring Terminals

IMO double level spring terminals are the answer to
high wiring density problems posed by certain
unavoidable wiring arrangements.

Besides this double level terminals have the following advantages:
• Double wiring density available without extension
mounting rails
• Interconnection/shorting can be done at both levels
• Marking/identification by making tags possible at
both levels.

Electrical ratings
Voltage / Current/Cross section /Tension 


600V~/26A/AWG 22-10

Insulation stripping length 12mm

90.3mm total length of body

Connection Data
Solid Strand, Clamp Connection 0.5-4mm2
Fine Strand, C l a m p Connection 0.5-4mm2
AWG Conductor 22…..10

Ordering Data

SCD 4V 318120i 
Polyamide 6.6.

Electrical Ratings
Diode Reverse Voltage
Diode Current

Mounting Rails
D I N RA I L 1 M – S LO T 1m
D I N RA I L 1 M – U N S LO T 1 m
TS 35 x 7.5 DINRAIL 2m
D I N RA I L 2 M – U N S LO T 2 m

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