N Type Plug to Plug Lead RG214 50Ohm Silver Plated Twin Screened OM1254B


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N Type Plug to Plug Coax Lead

Various Lengths 1.1, 2 and 2.5 Metres

Please note:- the 1.1 and 2.5 metre cables have 2 straight plugs 

RG214  50Ω Cable

Silver Plated Copper Twin Screened and Stranded Core 

To Mil M17/75 RG214

M17/74-RG214 Coaxial Cable Applications:

This mil-spec RG214 cable is used for high frequency signal transmission.

M17/75-RG214 Cable Description:

1) Inner conductor Stranded silver plated copper 7x 0.75 mm (flexible unlike a solid core)  

2) Dielectric Solid Low Density Polyethylene (PE) 

3) Shielding braid Silver plated copper – 34 Silver Covered Copper Shields: 34 Silver Covered Copper Shields

4) Sheath/Jacket PVC according to the European Standard HD 624. (non-contaminating) Type IIA per MIL-C-17 

5) Jacket Colour: Black

M17/75-RG214 Coax Cable Ratings:

Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°CMax Operating Voltage (vms): 5,000M17 Test Frequency: .05 – 11 GHz Swept
These cables have been retrieved from a high end ‘Milspec’ installation

They consist of 2 good quality N type plugs one either end (plated brass see photo’s) and a length of RG214 coax ( Various manufacturers including Bedea Berkenhoff & Drebes Germany)

The RG 214 is an extremely low loss and high quality version of the commercial grade RG213 and can be used instead of RG213 where low loss is required.

Fully functional they are in very good condition with no damage to cable or connectors, though having been used for some time the connectors are not as bright as the day they were made.

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