Philips 222233001334 MKT-P 0.33uf 250Vac 10% X2 Rated Capacitor 200 Pieces OL0605


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Philips 222233001334 MKT-P 0.33uf 250V AC X2  Rated Interference Suppression Capacitor
Designed for mains 240V Ac interference suppression.

Consists of a low-inductive wound
cell of metallized polyester film and
blank paper, potted in a
flame-retardant case.

Film capacitors 40/085/21 GPF X2 Rated GPF 565-1

Package B:

Dimensions 30mm x 12mm x 19mm Total length 109mm

Lead length short 27mm long 50mm

Capacitance 0.33µF
Capacitance tolerance  ±10%
Rated voltage (AC), 50 to 60 Hz 250 V
Climatic category 40/085/21
Rated temperature 85 °C
Maximum application temperature 85 °C
Reference specification IEC 384-14; First Edition 1981
Safety approvals UL1283; VDE 565-1; Semko; IMQ
Materials qualified in accordance with UL94V-O
Safety class X2

• For X2 electromagnetic
interference suppression

Please note: These genuine Philips capacitors came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock purchased from a ‘Milspec’ type Co. they are new and unused and will work perfectly but have been in storage for some time we have therefore classified them as new other. They are stored with us still in original Philips boxes of 500 pieces (3 boxes).


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