R.F. Vintage UR 6 Connector Single Pin Chassis Mount Bayonet Fit Plug OM510H


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UR 6 R.F. Connector Marked 100 OhmSingle Pin Chasis Mount Bayonet Fit PlugThe connector has a silver plated non ferrous (brass?) body with a single pin (looks silver plated )Unused and still in its original bag, but as it has been in storage for some years, there is some tarnish to the silver plating therefore we have described it as “new other”  – though the connector is in good structural condition, This came to us as part of a parcel of surplus stock which originated from a “Milspec” type large OEM company.No manufacturer or more specific part no. other than a label with UR6 in the pack, hopefully the photographs describe it better than words. 

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