Short Gold SMA to SMA Plug Patch Lead 50 Ohm 60mm Rosenberger 993930b OM0785


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Short Gold SMA to SMA Patch Plug Lead 

Rosenberger 993930b (marked L & R)

50 Ohm Habia Cable Flexiform 402 HM -HFI 100 2004-W18-040304009 

Cable is of the semi rigid type, ie it has been bent to a u formation and holds its shape. 

Length 60mm

Conductor silver plated copper

50 OHM

These patch leads have been made to a very high quality level using high grade cable and gold plated USB plugs. 

They have been retrieved after use in a an industrial telecomms company (Rosenberger) but are fully functional with no damage to cable or connectors ( a little cosmetic wear may be evident ).

 For further data on the flexiform cable copy and paste:-

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