Sprague 10uF 25V Tantalum Bead Capacitor/Triple Lead Tantalex 299D 10pcs OM1227


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Sprague Tantalex Type 299D Tantalum Bead Capacitor 10uF 25V

10 pieces per lot!

  • Triple Lead/Resin Coated Solid-Electrolyte
  •  T46
  • Easy foolproof installation and high performance are combined in these triple leaded Type 299D Tantalex capacitors.
  • Speedy insertion- no need to check polarity anode in centre insert either way round. 
  • Temperature range -55’C to +85’C
  • Tolerance +-20%
  • Hard resin coating – flame retardant moisture resistant
  • Lead spacing 2.54mm
  • Lead length 3.56mm
  •  We also stock a range of ordinary 2 pin Tantalum bead capacitors, suitable applications include coupling, decoupling and timing circuits.
  • Tantalum capacitors are ideal for use where high reliability and small size is required at low cost.  

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