BHC ALT20A 153DD 025 15000uF 25Vdc Electrolytic Capacitor OL0086c


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BHC Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor

Part no. ALT20A 153DD 025

15000uF 25Vdc Capacitor

Choose from 1, 2, 4 or 10 Pieces select quantity required from drop down box above.

Tolerance: -10 +30%

Solder Terminals

Can Diameter 40mm

Can Length 55mm

Life Expectancy 26000 hours

The larger the quantity the greater the discount!

This range of Long Life grade capacitors,
features low e.s.r., high ripple current
ratings and outstandingly good high frequency

ALT styles are designed for flying lead connection

Related documents
BS CECC 30301-033
DIN 41240 & 41238 & 41496-7
IEC 384-4
Temperature range
Storage -55°C to +85°C
Operating -40°C to +85°C
Environmental classification 40/085/56
Surge voltage
1000 surges (30 seconds) at 85°C with surge voltage
applied. See electrical characteristics.
106 cycles at 25°C and rated voltage. One cycle per
second with a time constant of 0.1.
D.C. leakage current
After application of rated d.c. voltage for 5 minutes at
20°C, the d.c. leakage current shall not exceed (0.006
CR UR +4) µA. Where CR is the rated capacitance in µF
and UR is the rated d.c. voltage.
10Hz to 500Hz at 0.75mm or 10g for 3x2hrs duration.
Insulation resistance
> 100MΩ at 100V d.c., across insulating sleeve.
Voltage proof
> 2500V d.c., across insulating sleeve

Ripple current
The following values are approximate only, to give an
indication of the effects of frequency and
temperature on ripple current. More accurate data
can be obtained by referring to the Application Notes
available from BHC Aerovox.

Capacitors shall withstand the rated r.m.s. ripple
current as given in the tables at upper category
temperature in circulating air. For frequencies other
than those shown the following multipliers should be
applied to the 100Hz ripple current.
VOLTAGE d.c. 50 100 500 1k >10k
0 – 25 0.89 1.0 1.05 1.06 1.07
40 – 160 0.81 1.0 1.28 1.33 1.39
200 – 450 0.75 1.0 1.54 1.70 1.89

For BHC datasheet copy and paste:-

Extract from the data sheet:

Shelf Life
The capacitance, ESR and impedance of a capacitor
will not change significantly after extended storage
periods, however the leakage current will very slowly
increase. BHC Aerovox products are particularly stable
and allow a shelf life in excess of ten years at room
If the measured value is higher than twice the specified limit
then re-ageing is recommended.

Re-age Procedure
Apply the rated voltage to the capacitor at room
temperature for a period of one hour, or until the
leakage current has fallen to a steady value below the
specified limit. During re-ageing a maximum charging
current of twice the specified leakage current or 5mA
(whichever is greater) is suggested.

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